You can add a charge card/tag to the whitelist in two different ways.

  • Option 1: By starting a charge session with you charge card/tag (you need a charge card/tag with a subscription for this)
  1. Check ‘Publish this device’ under device > configuration.
  2. Start 1-minute charge session with your charge card
    1. Connect the charging station with your EV and scan you charge card at the station.
    2. Stop the charging session after 1 minute. 
  3. Go to sessions and click on the charge card icon. You then provide a description and add the card
  • Option 2: With your UID (Note: This is not your charge card number but your unique RFID code, which is not visible on your card) You can request this number from you charge card supplier
  1. Click on 'Whitelist'.
  2. Click on 'Add entry'.
  3. Enter your UID here and provide a description.