Follow the next steps to set the charging station correctly

  1. Set the charge rate and your bank account See the instructions here.
  2. Ordered your E-Flux charge card but you have not received it yet? We can set the charging station so that you are still able to charge your vehicle. Contact us at 
  3. Did you receive your E-Flux charge card? Activate it via and use it to start and stop your charging sessions.
  4. See how you can add charge cards to the whitelistPlease note: if you wish to settle the costs with your employer, you should not whitelist the charge card.
  5. Billing details: we would like to receive the billing information. Let us know to whom we can invoice the subscription costs, and whether this should be done by direct debit or invoice payment. You can send it to us through the following link: 


Do you have a charging station with a fixed cable? We can set the charging station so that you no longer have to swipe the charging card, but that the charging session starts automatically when the charging cable is plugged in. This costs one time € 15.13 incl. VAT. Contact us at if you want to make use of this.